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SproutVideo to iTunes helps you convert your video files to iTunes compatible formats and resizes your videos to properly fit Apple devices. It's easy to convert to an Apple device format! Just drag your files to the file area, select your Apple device, and then hit start. If you want to automatically add your video to iTunes, then check the "Add to iTunes" box. There's even an option to clean up the result video file and keep it in iTunes for easy organization. .

We offer special rates for educational uses and bulk purchases. If you would like more information about our special rates, please contact us.

Download SproutVideo to iTunes Demo

Try SproutConverter 1.0 for free (OS X 10.6+)

SproutConverter in action.Download Demo

The SproutVideo to iTunes demo is free to download, but in order to convert more than one video at a time and clean more than 1 minute, you must purchase a serial number. If you would like to purchase SproutVideo to iTunes, you may purchase it directly through GearSprout. A link is provided at the top of the page for purchase. If you have already obtained your key, congratulations! You are ready to install and use SproutConverter. Simply open up the app, go to the SproutVideo to iTunes menu at the top of the screen, and click on "Register...". Enter your email and serial key and you're ready to go!