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Multimedia video files sometimes contain blank spaces, static, noise, artifacts, distortion, feedback, and other glitches, which occur in-between the normal video segments. These blank or noise affected sections cause the video to play back with gaps and stutter. If there are any blank or distorted frames in a video, existing video editing software requires that you manually remove them. This process requires repetition involving manual search and removal.

SproutConverter removes unintended alterations of digital video files including blank spaces, static, noise, artifacts, feedback, errors, distortions, and other unintended deformities. The video sections are cleaned and then rendered to a format of the user’s choosing.

We offer special rates for educational uses and bulk purchases. If you would like more information about our special rates, please contact us.

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SproutConverter in action. Download Demo

The full version and demo version are the same program.

Existing registered users of SproutConverter may update by downloading the version available on this page if it is greater than their current version. Your registration information will work on all versions of SproutConverter, including new versions available for download on this website.

The SproutConverter demo is free to download and try, but in order to convert more than one video at a time and clean more than 1 minute, you must purchase a serial number. If you would like to purchase SproutConverter, you may purchase it through the Mac App Store or directly through GearSprout. Links to both options are provided at the top of the page. If you have already obtained your key, congratulations! You are ready to install and use SproutConverter. Simply open up SproutConverter, go to the SproutConverter menu at the top of the screen, and click on "Register...". Enter your email and serial key and you're ready to go!

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