Chuck the Bot

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There's a robot named Chuck in need of your help! This innocent bot has been trapped in puzzles of varying composition and it's up to you to save him! Use cars, pulleys, ropes, catapults, bouncy objects, balloons, and more in this wonderfully entertaining robot/physics/puzzle game!

Chuck the Bot is an interactive, physics-based puzzle game where your objective is to remove all the red objects on the screen to get the resident robot, Chuck, to fly past your screen borders and away to safety.

If the 60 levels included in the full version aren't enough to quench your insatiable thirst of Chuck the Bot, then hop online and play other user created levels and submit your own levels for others to play; the only limit is what your imagination can come up with!

Chuck the Bot comes with the first 15 levels, along with use of the Level Creator and Editor.

Chuck the Bot Features:

  • Universal compatibility! iPhone, iPod touch, iPad compatible (including iPhone 5, iPad mini and the new iPad)
  • Graphics designed for Retina displays - no fuzziness
  • Available for iOS 5.1+
  • Up to 60 Levels
  • Level Editor and Creator

Chuck the Bot - now available on the Mac App Store!